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Puppies for Sale, Being Prepared for a New Bundle of Joy!

Puppies for Sale, Being Prepared for a New Bundle of Joy!

December 1, 2017

Puppies for Sale: Our New Puppy Checklist!

For a dog lover, any advertisement that says “puppies for sale” could be very irresistible! Who could pass up any pup for sale that means unconditional love and lots of kisses? But in reality, you cannot take home every puppy for sale or every dog on adoption too. Before you think of getting one of our precious available puppies for sale, make sure you answer the following questions first:

Do you have room for another puppy or a new puppy in your home?

Seems like a very basic question, but it really is the most important of them all! Do you have enough time for another dog especially when you already have one or two or, perhaps, more? Will you have room for a large-breed dog in your tiny apartment? Do you have the training you need for a new puppy? Every puppy needs the attention and care of a responsible dog owner! Here at PetCenter, we take this question very seriously! We want to understand your circumstances before matching the right pet with you and your family. PetCenter is also a premier source of valuable breed information and our capable Pet Counselors can answer any questions you may have.

Do the puppies for sale come from a reputable dealer?

This is especially important for purebred and designer breed puppies! At PetCenter, we take animal husbandry to heart and it shows. We only use caring, professional breeders that dedicate their lives to raising the standards of animal care not only for their puppies, but their parent dogs also. We take the time to attend breeder conferences and learn about advanced veterinary care. The PetCenter family is also very involved in visiting our breeders in person so we can give you an exact answer to the “where do your puppies come from” question!

Do the puppies for sale have veterinarian clearance?

Vet care for young puppies can mean the difference between a happy, healthy puppy and serious veterinarian bills! Breeders should adhere to very strict vaccination and deworming schedules, vet checks and preventative medication measures for each and every puppy. PetCenter is a leader in the industry for having the most comprehensive medical records in the country!

Does the puppy require special attention and training?

Puppies are puppies, but some breeds require more intense training and maintenance. Make sure to have ample time in your busy day to walk your pup, take it to the groomers, take care of basic training and more. Always be sure and ask our Pet Counselors is you’re concerned about training. We can help you find a breed to fit your needs!

How about your other pet dogs or pet animals at home?

Introducing a new puppy into your home can be quite the event! We can also help you with tricks for helping your other pets cope with the change. When choosing a breed to fit in with current pets, it is important to consider size, activity levels and much more. Here at PetCenter, we want you to be fully prepared for your new bundle of joy, even when adding them to a pack at home!

Will you be a brand-new puppy owner? Or maybe you haven’t trained a dog in a long time? Check out our blog on easy-to-train breeds, right here!

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