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Teacup Puppies for Sale, These Teeny Pups Need Extra Loving!

Teacup Puppies for Sale, These Teeny Pups Need Extra Loving!

April 7, 2017

Teacup Puppies for Sale – Things to consider with these pint-sized puppies!

Are you looking for teacup puppies for sale? A lot of people love teacup puppies because they are indeed some of the cutest puppies around. But, unfortunately, most people don’t realize that their size makes them more difficult to care for. Here at PetCenter, we specialize in the care and maintenance of small breed puppies. Want to check out our available teacup puppies, just click here!

You need to be very careful with teacup puppies for sale

No rough housing or wrestling with this pup. Most teacup puppies are more for cuddling than anything else. They should be monitored very carefully if they are up on a couch or the bed. Even a short fall could prove disastrous for a teacup puppy! You also have to limit their daily playtime so they don’t get overworked. It’s a good rule of thumb that for every 30 minutes of play or outside time, they need another 30 minutes of rest in their crates or palaces. 

teacup puppies for sale

Feeding a teacup puppy is the most important step for ensuring their health!

Because these puppies are so small, it is very important that their feeding schedules are consistent. That means no missed meals whatsoever! And also no treats for adult teacups please! Overfeeding your teacup adult will lead to being overweight and being susceptible to other illnesses. You must also prepare a diet specific to your type of teacup dog breed.

Where you get your puppy from is of the utmost importance!

Teacup dogs are very special and you also need to look for a special dealer. You need a support system to make sure anything that can come up with the health of the puppy can be addressed and taken care of quickly. Here at PetCenter, we don’t let any of our teacup puppies leave without their new owners going through extensive training when it comes to their care!

You must make sure that your pup gets expert medical attention

This breed is very susceptible to illnesses because of their petite size and therefore, we tell potential owners not to take their puppies anywhere for the first few months. That means dog parks, pet supply stores or over to a family or friend’s house. However, you should take it to the vet regularly and make sure that it has its vitamins and vaccinations. It has to be dewormed according to a schedule and must have regular grooming too.

You have to take extra special care when buying a teacup puppy for sale, and that’s why we’re here! Never hesitate to give us a call with any questions you might have before taking home a teacup puppy.


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