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Teacup Yorkies for Sale – Cute, Cuddly and Absolutely Charming!

Teacup Yorkies for Sale – Cute, Cuddly and Absolutely Charming!

April 19, 2017

Teacup Yorkies for sale: Can you handle all that cuteness?

Are you looking for teacup Yorkies for sale? The teacup Yorkie is a very popular kind of puppy and there’s quite a bit of misinformation out there. Here at PetCenter, we specialize in the care and education of breeds like the teacup Yorkie and other small puppy breeds. We can help guide you to the teacup Yorkshire Terrier of your dreams! Check out all our available Yorkies, right here!

Before you make your purchase, you might want to check the following information. You have to remember that since they are very small, they need a lot more care and attention than regular dogs.

teacup yorkies for sale

  • Most teacup Yorkies are still going to reach that 4-6lb range and it really depends on the family history of each puppy. Don’t be fooled by online ads that tout a guaranteed full-grown weight of below 4lbs, it just isn’t something that’s an exact science!
  • Teacup Yorkies are very petite and thus have very small and brittle bones. It is not a good idea to give a small child a teacup Yorkie, since it could easily get injured when handled in an inexperience manner.
  • This kind of dog needs regular brushing and trimming to keep its coat clean and healthy. Yorkies have hair, as opposed to fur, which could make it appropriate for people with allergies.
  • You need to watch out for this dog’s diet since it can overeat and become sick. A vet may advise a new diet for this dog.
  • Despite its size, this dog also needs exercise. It would surely be wonderful to take it outdoors but you should be careful since it can be injured by rough play with bigger dogs.
  • A teacup Yorkie is so small that it can really fit inside a teacup, but only as a puppy! But make sure that you take care of it very well.
  • Finally, a teacup Yorkie needs special attention to obedience training because this breed may sometimes be very stubborn. You may need to repeat your commands. But this dog is smart and eager to please.

So are you ready to take that teacup Yorkie home? We encourage you to talk with our extremely knowledgeable Pet Counselors about the overall care and maintenance that goes into a teacup Yorkie and other teacup breeds!

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