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Teacup Yorkies – Information You Should Know

Teacup Yorkies – Information You Should Know

April 8, 2018

Teacup Yorkies are tiny little wonders.

Much controversy has surrounded this pint sized babies, but we’re here to dispel some of those awful rumors. Contrary to what has been widely been misreported Teacup Yorkies, though incredibly small, can live healthy lives with the proper care and attention. We’ve gathered some basic and informative facts about them just below that will be helpful while you’re shopping for Teacup Yorkies, that we happen to proudly have in our store.

What is the average size of Yorkshire Terrier?

The AKC standard for the Yorkshire Terrier used to state that the adult dog should weigh between 4 and 7 pounds, but now there isn’t a minimum size. The official weight standard simply states that they are not to exceed 7 pounds.

What about the average size of Teacup Yorkies?

These little babies will generally be between 1 and 3 pounds, when they are fully grown adult dogs.

Are Teacup Yorkies officially recognized?

The Yorkshire Terrier is absolutely accepted and recognized.

What are the health concerns regarding Teacup Yorkies?

Teacups aside, a fully grown adult dog whose weight ranges from 4 – 7 pounds, is extremely small already and are fragile. Therefore, Teacups will certainly face more physical scrutiny and special care, such as:

  • They should wear a harness instead of a collar when they are being walked. This will avoid a collapsed trachea.
  • Because of their little stature, their bone structure is compromised and will be more fragile. Ligaments and tendons will be tiny and prone to injury, like sprained or broken bones. For this reason, they are best living in homes without small children who may not be as gentle with these precious pups as they should.
  • Teacup Yorkies have higher occurrences of hip dysplasia.
  • They are also very susceptible to hypoglycemia, when they are up to 18 weeks old. A rapid drop in blood sugar levels can be fatal.

How should you care for your Teacup Yorkies?

  • Now’s the time to break out and keep cute clothes on your pup! She will be more sensitive to temperature changes. Thick vests or hoodies are perfect for their comfort. When it’s hot out, walk them in the shade as opposed to direct sunlight, to prevent skin sores.
  • We sell bedding for all sizes and have tons of little beds for them. It should be a top quality orthopedic foam memory mattress and not a nestling bed. You can add an extra blanket for warmth and cushioning.
  • Stay in contact with your vet. Make and keep regular checkups for your Teacup Yorkies.

With responsible ownership, consistent vet visits, and a healthy diet, Teacup Yorkies can live healthy lives. Contact us for any questions you may have!

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