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The English Bulldog – Five Fun Facts

The English Bulldog – Five Fun Facts

June 24, 2018

We’re going to talk about one of the most beloved and recognized breeds – English Bulldogs!

We know you know how they look, but you may not know how the live and how they got here! Read along to find out! Here at PetCenter, we always have English Bulldog puppies for sale!

  1. Let’s Go Bulldogs – Let’s Go!

The Bulldog is one of the most popular mascots. They represent a team’s strong and steadfast determination. It’s no wonder English Bulldog puppies for sale are so popular! Across the country there are about 40 universities that cheer “Go, Bulldogs!” There’s a lot of love for Bulldogs!

  1. What does the “bull” in Bulldog mean?

The English developed the bulldog breed in the 13th century. Unfortunately back then English Bulldog puppies for sale were brutally used for bull baiting. Thankfully, this practice was eventually banned in 1835.

  1. They were unemployed!

After the banning, they had to find a new purpose in life. The breed almost went extinct, but lovers of the breed were determined not to let this happen! They insisted on preserving them, because they wanted English Bulldog puppies for sale to continue! They went on to breed them to become kind and gentle canine companions.

  1. The life of an English Bulldog

Almost all English Bulldog puppies for sale were delivered via c-section. Because of their bodies and particularly large heads, it’s very difficult for them to have natural births.

  1. Stubborn as a bull!

Bulldogs are stubborn! There’s no debating that! When taking them on a walk, they’ll use their strength and stay put and decide when and if they’ll walk! This is their way of establishing dominance, but as their owner you’ll have to put your foot down and show them who’s boss!

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