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The Good and Bad of Having a Cat

The Good and Bad of Having a Cat

July 20, 2018

This won’t be a post comparing dog ownership to cat ownership, because they’re like apples and oranges to their respective owners!

Instead, we’d like to highlight the rewards and challenges of owning a cat. Without a doubt, buying a cat for sale is a great investment in your future mental well-being and relaxation! We fully believe that. Continue reading so that you can learn even more about our feline furry friends!

Challenges to Cat Ownership

  • Well, we think this is obvious, but worth mentioning before you purchase a cat for sale. They shed a lot all of the time and it gets everywhere: on the furniture, carpet, on your clothes, and on table surfaces.
  • They will use their claws on your furniture, even if you purchase a scratching post, which is highly recommended. Scratching posts will lessen the amount that they default to your furniture, however.
  • Changing the litter box isn’t the most fun task to complete, but it’s necessary. If you’re pregnant, most doctors advise against doing this.
  • Because allergies to cats is pretty common, it’s important that before you purchase a cat for sale you make sure that none of your family members have allergic.
  • Cats are difficult to train.
  • Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy for cats to catch fleas, so you want to keep a flea collar around them or invest in flea prevention medication prescribed by their vet.
  • We mentioned that cats scratch furniture. They also scratch people, but it’s likely out of a request to play or to pet them. Sometimes it’s to request that you feed them! Unintentionally, when they don’t want to be held or if they’re getting out of your lap, they’ll scratch you when scurrying away.

Rewards to Owning a Cat

  • Forget about calling exterminators and get a cat for sale! They will capture mice around the house.
  • They are low maintenance and clean themselves. Change their litter box regularly. Feed them and give them water and they’re good! You can leave for a weekend without taking them to a kennel or hiring a sitter.
  • Cats don’t require a lot of space. All they need is a source of warmth and a window to watch the world.
  • When they’re in the mood, cats can be very affectionate. Purchasing a cat for sale has been shown to reduce stress and having a calming effect, on both the pet and pet owner.
  • Kittens are beyond cute. That’s all.
  • You needn’t take them for regular walks. They will exercise themselves.
  • For sure, the cat for sale you purchased will provide you entertainment, because they’re funny to watch! When they play, it’s quite enjoyable and intriguing.

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