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The Perfect Winter Puppies that Make Great Snuggle Companions!

The Perfect Winter Puppies that Make Great Snuggle Companions!

February 19, 2019

Are you considering whether or not to buy a puppy this winter season?

Well, if you are unsure which dog breed you should get that will do extremely well in this cold winter weather, consider the dogs in the list we’ve compiled. All of these dogs are extraordinary winter puppies that love the cold weather, maybe even more than you!¬†Each of these dogs has a thick furry coat to help them handle the cold weather, which is an important thing to look for when searching for winter puppies. Here are just a few dogs that you may want to consider! Can’t wait to check our all of our adorable puppy breeds? Just click here for the cutest puppies you’ve ever seen!


Akitas are great winter dogs because they are snow dogs! These dogs enjoy every moment spent in the snow with their thick furry coats. If you also enjoy outdoor activities in the winter, then an Akita is an appropriate dog for you. These dogs are courageous and willing to go on outdoor adventures with you. They are also really receptive to directions, so they are pretty easy to train especially in the snow they love so much.

Bernese Mountain Dogs.

These dogs are awesome for the winter weather too! They do not require that much exercise if you are not interested in a lot of outdoor activities but they will really enjoy the time you spend with them outside just as much as the time you spend with them inside the house. These dogs have incredible strength and speed and would make the perfect company for adventures in the winter.

German Shepherds.

These dogs really love the outdoors and thankfully their winter coats are extremely thick to protect them from being cold. Germans really enjoy playtime spent outside in the winter and would love to travel with you on your winter trip to the mountains. These dogs are awesome family dogs that are willing to play with everyone outside.

These are just a few dogs to consider when buying winter puppies this year. These dogs are great friends in the cold weather, and really any other time of the year. You can not beat the type of friendships these dogs will build with you this winter. If you are looking for a companion to join you on your winter adventures think about buying one of these winter puppies at one of our PetCenter locations.

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