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The Ultimate Guide to Dating When You Have a Dog

The Ultimate Guide to Dating When You Have a Dog

November 12, 2018

So you’re back on the dating scene, but this time around you have a dog.

Being a single pet parent can make dating complex. Read on to learn the tricks of the trade for dating when you have pets.

Find out how they feel about pets 

As a pet parent, it is important to find a partner who shares the same love for pets as you do. A great way to find out if a potential partner likes animals is to go on a first date to a pet store. You can Google “pet stores near me with puppies” or Google “PetCenter stores.” PetCenter is an interactive pet store so you can see just how your potential partner behaves around pets. You’ll have so fun much in PetCenter stores, you’ll go there for every first date.

Don’t rush to introduce your pet 

Just as you wouldn’t rush to introduce your children to your dating prospects, take your time to introduce your pet. Certain breeds such lab pups can be extremely protective of their territory and owners. A premature introduction can cause stress and anxiety for your pup. You’ll know the right time to introduce your pet to the person you are dating.

Make the introduction respectful 

Pets especially dogs demand respect and acknowledgment. If you are planning to introduce your partner to your dog, discuss the proper way to acknowledge your dog upon entering your home. Ensure the introduction allows your dog to smell your new guest, but standby to ensure your dog doesn’t intimidate your guest with rowdy behavior such as jumping or scratching.  

Balance your time 

Don’t forget about your pup just because you have a new love interest. Be sure to balance your time and don’t decrease playtime with your puppy. Dogs can smell scents of new people and can become depressed if they feel they are losing their best friend.

Make your puppy feel special 

Remember that relationships come and go, but best friends are for life. Make your puppy feel as special as possible, because nothing compares to the bond between humans and animals.

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