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Tips and Facts About Poodle Puppies

Tips and Facts About Poodle Puppies

May 28, 2018

Poodles are intelligent and vibrant dogs, no matter which size you get!

Owners across the world concur constantly. Take a look at these 25 fabulous tips and facts about them.

Theirs Smarts and Behavior

  • Poodles are second to the Border Collie, with their intelligence.
  • Poodles are highly intelligent which makes them highly easy to train.
  • When you bring home your Poodles for sale, sign them up for obedience training as soon as possible. This keeps them from being bored and destructive!
  • They may be picture perfect, but they have some less than attractive habits. Poodles are notorious for nipping at heels – yep little ankle biters!   
  • Miniature Poodles and Toy Poodles are mischievous than Standards.
  • Poodles go through an rather hyper stage from ages 8 weeks to 1 year.

Coats and Grooming

  • Once the Poodle puppies for sale that you’ve purchased are in your home, you want to be sure to bathe your Poodle once every 3 weeks. This allows time for the natural body oils to nourish the hair and skin, but not clog their pores.
  • To avoid tear stains, in particular with lighter colored Poodles for sale, gently wipe their faces daily with a washcloth and warm water or specially designed pet wipes.
  • Like some humans, female Poodles can sometimes experience hair loss due to hormonal changes associated with having puppies.
  • The AKC hairstyle (or clip) for showing Poodles for sale is the “Lion Trim” and it comes in 4 variations: the Puppy Clip, the Continental Clip, the Modified Continental Clip, and the English Saddle.
  • There are other clip variations not recognized for showing that include the: Kennel Clip, Lamb Clip, Bikini Clip, Poodle Scandinavian Clip, Dutch Clip, and the Sporting Clip.

Build and Size

  • The Poodle has an elegant build with a long and straight muzzle.
  • The ear type in Poodles is flat and hangs close to the head.
  • A Poodle’s walk is described as light and springy.
  • While your Poodles are known to be hypoallergenic, ironically over 20% of them suffer from allergies.
  • Contact, food, inhalants, fleas, and bacterial are what can trigger allergies in your Poodle.

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