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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home with Pets

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home with Pets

December 22, 2018

We love our pets, but not the messes they leave behind.

We’ve compiled a list of cleaning tips and tricks to help you keep your house looking and smelling good with pets.

Remove the dandruff to rid the odor

You can keep your home from smelling like a kennel, by grooming pets regularly. This can keep those unwanted dog smells from permeating your house through the dandruff they leave behind. Also, cleaning their bedding regularly is important. Bedding is another place that collects a lot of their dander and hair and could definitely be the source of the odor you can never seem to get rid of.

Remove the pet hair

3M lint rollers are ideal were when it comes to picking up pet hair. Their ads are humorous, but their products are effective. These lint rollers are your best friends when it comes to ridding your house of pet hair. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have a lint roller, just wrap some packing tape around your hand and use it as a makeshift lint roller. Another great way to get pet hair off of couches is to use a damp rubber glove. Just get it a little wet and rub it all over the hair. It should clump right up and let you pick it off nice and easy.

Keep the carpet clean

One of the best ways to keep your house clean is to vacuum regularly, both your furniture and carpet. This is the best way that you can stay on top of the various messes and hairs that get left behind. There is an awesome trick to get all the hair off the carpet, and that’s with a squeegee. It works surprisingly well! You can find great natural recipes for carpet deodorizers that are incredibly easy to make. All you do is sprinkle it on the carpet, let it sit for a little while and then vacuum normally.

Attack hidden germs

Clean your pet’s toys. They’re a home for hidden germs. You can wash the hard toys in the dishwasher, and the plush toys in the washing machine just fine.

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