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What You Should Know about Your Yorkie

What You Should Know about Your Yorkie

July 26, 2018

Are you interested in a Yorkie puppy?

If your answer is “yes,” then you should know that you’re in for a really special treat, because they are one of the cutest dogs to own. It is important to know that there are some habits, like all dogs, about Yorkies can be a bit challenging but certainly manageable. Thankfully, you have us here at PetCenter and our pet counselors to assist you. Believe us, their goods far outweigh their bads!

They’re Fragile

Part of the allure surrounding Yorkies for sale is their size! They are the perfect purse pets, but with that comes fragility. They are incredibly delicate and should always be handled with care.  Although they are friendly and great around children of all ages, they should always be monitored and never left alone with them. Younger children in particular may regard them as toys and not the toy breed of a dog! As a result, they may be aggressive towards them, but only in a way to protecting themselves. Let your little ones know the proper ways to play with and handle the Yorkies for sale you have introduced to them.


When you purchase Yorkies for sale, you should be prepared to also purchase puppy pads, because this breed is known for frequent urination. It’s partially due to their little bladders. Early and consistent training is necessary for them. Crate training is highly recommended for Yorkies, as well.


Despite their small size, Yorkies can be curious. They are the big dogs in little bodies and they truly suffer from small dog syndrome. Aggression towards other dogs is somewhat normal for Yorkies, but it’s important to check it so very early on so that they know this behavior is not cute or acceptable. Okay, it’s kinda cute, but not acceptable!

As we previously mentioned, our Yorkies for sale have overwhelmingly more positive traits than negative ones and they’re quite the catch! Stop into our store today and pick up one!

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