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Who’s Who: Introducing the Italian Greyhound for Sale!

Who’s Who: Introducing the Italian Greyhound for Sale!

August 5, 2019

If you’re looking for an Italian Greyhound for sale, they are extremely friendly, sweet, and loyal dogs!

At PetCenter, we pride ourselves on taking care of and providing our customers with some of the most unique and popular dogs, like Italian Greyhounds.  They would make an excellent addition to a large family with children or other pets or to a home of a single person. They will provide companionship regardless of their location! Want to see if an Italian Greyhound for sale might catch your eye, click here for our available puppies page!

Greyhound the Great Watch Dog

As we mentioned above, they are gentle and sweet breed of dogs but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t great watch dogs because they are! These pups will not hesitate to bark at foreign or unfamiliar sounds, which could be anything to them! This includes a door opening or simply a strange noise outside. They will alert you, so if you’re thinking of getting an Italian Greyhound for sale, this is just one other reason to do so.

Hunt or Hike – What Do You Like?

Do you live in the countryside and are looking for a pet companion to accompany you on hikes, walks, or even hunting? If you’ve answered affirmatively to either, then purchasing an Italian Greyhound for sale from us is the way to go. They are hunters but not because of their sense of smell. They actually use their great sight and extreme speed to identify and catch their prey.

Chill Masters – The 40mph Couch Potato

While Italian Greyhounds are widely known for their speed, as we just talked about, they would much rather chill than chase! It’s true. Sure, they can run faster than any other breed of dog, however, they would prefer to race to the couch than on a track or path, hence their nickname “the 40 mile per hour couch potato.” And you should also know that you don’t need a large backyard or expansive space before you get an Italian Greyhound for sale. They are fine with their daily walks and some running but as we stated, they’re ready for cuddling on the couch…always!

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