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Chihuahua For Sale, Could This Pint-sized Breed Be Right For You?

Chihuahua For Sale, Could This Pint-sized Breed Be Right For You?

December 19, 2017

The feisty Chihuahua and their long history!

The chihuahua is known as the smallest dog in the world. It was named after Chihuahua, a state in Mexico. This dog has a variety of sizes, coat colors, lengths, and even head shapes. It’s believed the breed originally descended from the ancient dogs of the Toltecs called Techichi. Chihuahuas for sale can have a deer head shape or an apple head shape. Their ears are triangular, erect and pointed. Within the chihuahua breed these dogs can also have a short smooth coat, or a long coat. Most kennel clubs only recognize these types separately, and matings between the two are not eligible if you wish to show them. PetCenter Old Bridge always has the Chihuahua for sale, it’s one of our most beloved breeds! Check them out on our available puppies page!

This tiny breed packs a big personality!

A chihuahua for sale is from a height of about 6 to 9 inches, though some are known to grow up to 15 inches tall. For American breed standards a chihuahua must not weigh more than 5-8 pounds, but any size is perfect for a pet. Pet chihuahuas may weigh up to 10-12 pounds, which is typically a better size for owners with lots of children as they can take a little more “rough love”!

Chihuahua for sale? There are so many to choose from!

There are many colours of chihuahua puppies to choose from. They can vary from white, brown, and black, to a variation of spotted, sabled, and mottled coat patterns. In the show ring no one color is more desirable than the other. A chihuahua for sale may have a temperament close to their parents’ or grandparents’ temperaments. This breed can be hyper and they are always ready to defend home and territory. This type of dog has to be closely supervised with younger children. They’re known to become over-protective of one person, so they do well for a single person or a senior.

Do you have more questions about bringing a Chihuahua puppy home? Don’t hesitate to give our knowledgeable Pet Counselors a call about this wonderful breed! We also have Chihuahua puppies for sale, just check out our available puppies right here!

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