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New Jersey’s Own, PetCenter Old Bridge Announces Exclusive Buying Relationship with Daynes Ridge Kennel

New Jersey’s Own, PetCenter Old Bridge Announces Exclusive Buying Relationship with Daynes Ridge Kennel

August 19, 2017

KENNESAW, Ga.Aug. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Working to redefine the words, “puppies for sale” PetCenter Old Bridge hopes to change the canine game.  With a desire to inform the public about reputable breeders, the family-owned pet store brings a bit more heart to buying a puppy.  To help people understand the difference between a top-quality breeder and a puppy mill, they highlight the providers that are worth their salt.  To that end, the pet store in Old Bridge has announced their partnership with Daynes Ridge Kennel.

Owned by Jeremy Roger and his family for 15-years, Daynes Ridge Kennel has one focus; to safely raise the breeds they love – Bernese Mountain dogs, and English and French Bulldogs. With proper love, care, and time in a home-like setting, Daynes Ridge Kennel puts a huge focus on adult and puppy socialization.  Happy, healthy dogs have the best puppies.  The best puppies are the best new family members.

Additionally, at Daynes Ridge Kennel, vet care is optimum.  They work closely with their veterinarian to see that the appropriate puppy vaccination, preventive de-worming, and prophylactic treatments are given.

The owner said of the partnership, “Working with PetCenter Old Bridge has been great. My family raises top-quality puppies, and the Parkers work with families looking to add a new family member. So, from one family to the next, these puppies get to the homes they deserve.”

Brad Parker, General Manager of PetCenter Old Bridge, said of the Daynes Ridge Kennel, “We are so excited to be able to work with breeders like Jeremy Rogers. Daynes Ridge Kennel is one of the most beautiful kennels I have ever seen. I truly had a blast when I visited and was able to get out and socialize with the Bernese Mountain dogs and French Bulldogs. These are two of my favorite breeds. I currently own a Frenchie, and my parents had Bernese Mountain Dogs while I was growing up! We look forward to providing our customers with Jeremy’s pups for years to come.”

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About PetCenter Old Bridge:
PetCenter Old Bridge is based in Old Bridge, New Jersey that is owned and operated by the Parker family.  For 16-years, while providing top-quality pet care, the family has placed over 20,000 puppies in welcoming homes.  PetCenter Old Bridge puppies receive top-notch veterinary care, five training classes to teach basic obedience, an introduction to a veterinarian, as well as year health warranties.

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