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PetCenter Breeders Spotlight on Shadey Lawn Kennel: Where Does PetCenter Get Its Puppies?

PetCenter Breeders Spotlight on Shadey Lawn Kennel: Where Does PetCenter Get Its Puppies?

October 11, 2017

Looks like the PetCenter Old Bridge family is growing again, let’s welcome our newest PetCenter breeders!

Well fellow animal lovers, it’s a beautiful day and now we have the pleasure of inviting you to take a closer look at another of our breeder families! Here at PetCenter, we get asked “Where does PetCenter get its puppies?” all the time, and for good reason! A responsible part of pet ownership is supporting good breeding practices and the people that spend their lives caring for their animals. In that way, we are just like our customers, it’s extremely important to make sure we are working with only the most dedicated PetCenter breeders.

Everybody give a big, warm welcome to Shadey Lawn Kennel and the Schrock family!

Shady Lawn Kennel is family owned and operated by the Steven Schrock Family of Bloomfield, Iowa. They began raising puppies in 2014 and the entire family loves working with and caring for their pups. The Schrock family raises German Shepherd puppies for sale and Siberian Husky puppies for sale. They love seeing each new litter of puppies born and watching them as they grow into healthy, friendly pets.

 They might be a small operation now, but just wait!

 The Schrock’s love what they do and it shows! They made updates to their kennel in 2015 which included an outside yard for the dogs to run and play in. It is exciting to watch the puppies play together every day and it gives the Schrock’s the perfect place to teach good dog manners and work on training. Shady Lawn Kennel also works in conjunction with their veterinarian to see that each and every puppy is happy and healthy!

 Want to see if we have any Husky or German Shepherd puppies from Shadey Lawn? Just give our Pet Counselors a call today! Or visit our available puppies page, right here!

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