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PetCenter Breeders Spotlight on Stoney Creek Kennel: Where Does PetCenter Get Their Puppies?

PetCenter Breeders Spotlight on Stoney Creek Kennel: Where Does PetCenter Get Their Puppies?

October 15, 2017

We want to give a special shout out to the newest member of our PetCenter breeders program, read along for more!

At PetCenter, we believe that every animal life is important and should be properly cared for! That’s why our name is so synonymous with the highest standards and quality of care when it comes to the pets we take care of on a daily basis. But what about where our puppies come from before they get to us? Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear the question, “Where does PetCenter get their puppies?” and it’s one that we never get tired of answering! We’re proud to show that we use only the most caring, reputable breeders in the country. It’s just as important to us where our puppies come from as where they’re going and we prove it every single day. So follow along with our newest PetCenter breeders family blog!

Let’s follow along with the Troyer family and Stoney Creek Kennels!

Stoney Creek Kennel, LLC is family owned and operated by the Troyer Family of Bloomfield, Iowa. Ivan and Ruth Troyer moved to Stoney Creek Farm in 2005. Where they took over a farm that was home to an organic dairy. But their inherent love of dogs drove them to complete construction on a kennel of their very own.  The Troyer Family, Ivan & Ruth and their five children, enjoy many happy hours together caring for their puppies. They raise Siberian Husky puppies for sale, English Bulldog puppies for sale, and Pomsky puppies for sale. Their dream has always been to have a state-of-the-art, dog-friendly facility to attract both visitors and friends.

By upgrading their operation, the Troyer family continues to raise standards

In 2015, they built a new kennel and as a family are excited to greet each new puppy born. Inside their new facility they always have fresh air moving with their GEO thermal ventilation system. It keeps the dogs cool in the summer and uses radiant floor heat to keep them warm and cozy in the winter. The Troyer’s children especially enjoy play time with each puppy. This helps make sure the puppies are socialized and ready to come from their home to yours. The highlight of their day is when they get to turn the dogs loose in their yard to play with them. The dogs get the valuable exercise they need and the children get to romp and play too! Stoney Creek Kennel works hard to raise top quality, healthy, and socialized puppies that are ready to for their new home with you.

Check out our available puppies page to see if we have any bulldog puppies for sale, Husky puppies for sale or Pomskies for sale from the Troyers!

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