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PetCenter Puppies: Cutest Big Dog Breeds

PetCenter Puppies: Cutest Big Dog Breeds

February 25, 2019

At PetCenter, we totally understand that not everyone wants a pint-sized small breed dog.

There are plenty of dog owners who have more love to give to the cutest big dog breeds in the world! Take a look at this list of 5 large dog breeds that tug at hearts universally! Want to see all our gentle giants before diving into this list? Just click here for all of our available puppies.

1. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a well-known member of the American large dog breeds. Huskies are clever and loving and insanely smart. They aren’t aggressive and would fail miserably at being a guard dog or even a watchdog. They get along swimmingly well with strangers, so there’s that! Huskies are very intelligent and trainable, but patience, consistency and an understanding of the Arctic dog character are necessary. These 55-pound furballs are just simply precious.

2. Great Dane

There isn’t any way on the planet that one could possibly think of large dog breeds without immediately envisioning the Great Dane. That’s why they’re so known – because of their size! They reach heights well over 30 inches tall. The famous Great Dane named Zeus held a world record standing at 44 inches. Tapping out at an average 150lbs, these gentle giants have a lot of love to give.

3. Old English Sheepdog

These couch potatoes aren’t nervous or aggressive. They are just the opposite, because they are incredibly gentle and goofy, all 85 pounds of them! The most aggression they’ll ever display is herding kids in and out of rooms, by gently bumping them. They are one of the cutest big dog breeds with intelligence and sociability. They truly thrive best in rural or farm like settings where they can get proper exercise and then properly nap!

4. Irish Wolfhound

Standing at nearly 3 feet tall and weighing a grand total of 120 pounds, Irish Wolfhounds are large dog breeds times two! They were originally bred to hunt wolves in Britain and Ireland, but they are far from ferocious. They are a gentle and quiet breed that absolutely gets along with everyone and we mean everyone – kids, strangers, and other dogs! Make room for these oversized babies, because they like to stretch out and they’ll need the space for it!

5. Newfoundland

Nicknamed “Nature’s Nannies,” the Newfoundland is excellent with kids and most suitable to live in large open spaces. These jolly giants hail as one of the cutest big dog breeds. These fur balls will lovingly keep watch and protect you and your family. They’ve been documented to grow as large as a whopping 200 pounds so get ready!

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